Members of the Collective tidy up the exit of Biggie

Dig weekend 21st & 22nd April – A summary

Thanks to the 30 or so volunteers that turned up for this weekends dig. Mother nature seems to be playing a cruel joke after teasing us with glorious sunshine and dusty trails in March. The March dig had seen the completion of the switchback big finish and 2 berms (know as Tupac and biggie) that linked the final descent to the new switchbacks. It had always been planned that the April dig weekend would be for armouring the new section but I don’t think we ever thought it would be needed so badly in April.

The rain had caused havoc with bits of the new section especially the off camber, rooty exit out of biggie. Saturday was spent armouring that section with chalk and digging some “French drains” into areas on the switchbacks where puddles had formed. Another level was added to the support of Tupac to allow it to be bigger as some people in testing got rather close to the top.

Sunday was spent armouring more bits of the finish and putting in one last berm that sends you to the car park. The entry to that corner had been badly cut up due to the rain and the steepness of that section. It was decided that to reduce erosion and improve grip into the last corner, we would add some rocks that had been in the yard waiting to be used. At QECP we try not to just put things in for the sake of it and find logical reasons for somethings use. We have had possession of the rocks for a while but didn’t want to stick them into the trail just so we could have a rock garden feature, we used them to solve a problem and improve the trail.


This last bit of trail needs a few little tweaks and with conditions being so poor we have decided not to open that section for the moment. We will have to go back and tweak the lines, shape and size of the last corner but I think it will be another good piece for an already fun finish. We also want a fence built alongside the finish so riders don’t end up on the shared path next to it at speed and walkers and dogs wont end up at the end of a berm. All this should be in place for the trail launch on May 19th.

Members of the Collective also suggested and voted on the trail name. The top three names voted for have been submitted to the park for their ultimate decision. Thanks to all that turned up over the weekend. We were fairly lucky with the weather as over the two days we only had about 1 hour of rain and hail. Thanks again to all that helped and the new people on board. There will be another dig before the launch so keep an eye out on the website for it.

Viva la trail revolution!


N.B. The berm “Biggie” took its name due its size and that when Scott rang Jamie, whilst he was digging the chalk for biggie, to see how things were, Jamie’s response was “I’m ready to die” (due to being knackered), which is  also one of Notorious B.I.G’s most famous albums, so the name seemed appropriate. And you can’t have Biggie without Tupac!


Andy pulling real g’s while testing Tupac is high enough


Andy in full swing

Pidge rails Tupac, followed why a leaping Andy

Chris from Exempt, Jamie and Andy having a bit of banter