Lights, camera, mud!

If you went down to the woods today you would have been in for a big surprise. A cameraman (Rupert) and two riders (Scott and Andy) braving the elements, trying to put together a trail video for the trail launch. Filming had been delayed in March due to the lack of green leaves (seemed like a good idea at the time). The trail was fast but it looked like autumn. So as the days passed the leaves still played hide and seek and then came the rain, more rain and then even more rain!

A date was set to film in order to have a video ready for release on the internet to promote the trail before the launch and in order for it to go out the date had to be stuck to. So Rups, Scott and Andy waited for a break in the rain to get some filming done, spending a whole day trying to get some good shots. Conditions were far from ideal, which slowed the riders down, and sprayed their lovely Exempt T-shirts with mud. We will have to see what comes out of Rupert’s editing room. Well done to the three unwise men for giving it their best. I’m sure it will be a good video.