Rogate Resurgence DH Race Sept 2012

Rogate Resurgence DH Race Sept 2012

It seems whenever there is a Rogate Resurgence race, it brings its own bad weather! This time it was torrential rain! However, Rogate being sandy meant that it actually improved grip, whilst it was very wet. Approx 1/2 the field braved the bad weather and a number of spectators, and of course all the marshalls, organizers and timers – thanks for making it a great day!

From a QECP Collective perspective we had 4 riders at 9am, Andy, Dave, Paul + Scott. Unfortunately one person might have left his wet weather gear back in Scotland and vanished once the clouds opened 😉

3 or 4 dry practise runs didnt really mean much as the course transformed into a river in places for the  racing. 2 runs and a few crashes later, all 3 racers were unscathed by the end, with Andy and Scott doing magnificently and both gaining 2nd place in the categories.

Scott, 2nd HT

Andy, 2nd Masters

Oh, and thanks Martin for the great support! Much appreciated.. Now to see how much damage that sand did to our bikes!