Kreek Racing Team Race Report: QECP Day & Night

Kreek Racing Team Race Report: QECP Day & Night

Kreek Racing Team Thanks for the race report we will be sending you out a Narrow/wide chainring as a thank you.

QECP Day & Night Enduro 2014

A Kreek Racing Team Perspective

Well, well, well what a fantastic event. Everything from the Course, the Arena, the Organisation and the Weather were all perfect. Even the chandlers in the hospitality tent put this event in a class of its own!


Our two lads were entered into the U18 category, both Roo Phelan and James Henderson are new to gravity events and found themselves thrown in at the deep end. We had travelled down from deepest flatest Essex to make the practice time for 6pm – with time limited got unpacked quickly and headed into the Arena for registration and numbers. Straight away we were blown away by the Arena and the friendliness of the event team, got numbered up and set them off into the unknown! The lads got back after a couple of stages totally psyched; Stage 1 and 2 kept them on their toes and pushed them to their limits, James ‘so much harder than what I expected, so much more…’. Feedback on Stages 3 and 4 was more relaxed, which comprised of roots, flowing trails and fast berms. From an outsiders point of few the organisers got the staging spot-on – the more technical Stages 1 and 2 were to be completed in twilight whilst 3 and 4 in total darkness! Although Stage 1 in the dark would have been a blast, but thinking about it the local A&E might have not been so grateful!!


8pm came upon us and off they set – Roo typically wheeling through transition headed off to Stage 1. It started out flat and fast with a sharp turn that you could whip into, followed by increasing steeper and steeper sections, before culminating with a dramatic drop-in followed by a pump section into the finish, phew. Stage 2 was more of the same, lots of flat to start with so you could get your power down, then lots of fresh corners with oodles of grip, twisting and turning, pumping, pumping, climaxing with a gnarly rock garden and a sprint dash to the finish. Stages 3 and 4 were more flowing but the roots kept you alert, picking the wrong line could bring problems. The track was quick allowing you to carry lots of speed into the corners.

We meet the riders after Stage 3, Roo came down huffing and puffing, he had burped his front tyre after over shooting a berm. Came off and luckily his helmet did its job!! Looked like there was no more than 10psi in there, but got his CO2 on it and blasted it to Stage 4. James had a clean run and went through to transition without any trouble. Roo now thinking he had lost time on Tom put the hammer down and went like a demon entering the Arena at pace, slamming the brakes on and drifting and whipping his back wheel. James was not so lucky, although running tubeless, got a massive puncture which was unfixable, but doggedly picked up his bike and ran it in, good spirit, no slacking!

Post event was well lubricated with an endless supply of free beer and refreshments, everyone was smiling and gassing, the atmosphere was electric with most of the 150 entrants hanging back for the podiums.

Podium brought anxious moments for the lads – Roo wins, he was so surprised that he pipped Tom, not only did he win the category but fastest on every stage and to top it off 10th overall in all categories – a good nights work. James was chuffed getting 3rd, his first Enduro and the definitely not his last.

The buzz from the lads was amazing – ‘best ever’ followed by ‘favourite race of the year’, big grins from ear to ear, with non stop chatter all the way home, even if it was 4am when we got home!

Two Kreek racing team riders on the podium:


Pic: Big Mac Photography