2014/15 Dig Weekends

2014/15 Dig Weekends

Here is a list of the dates for all the digs in the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 for your diaries! These are the planned dates, and any alterations or additional digs will be announced on facebook etc.

We have some big plans for next year once we have finished maintenance this winter, including brand new descents for both the red and blue trails, and the more people who can come and help the quicker we all get to ride new trails! Watch out here and on facebook/twitter for details on each dig, what we’re planning on working on and where we’ll be. If you’re going for a ride, even popping by to help for an hour or so is very much appreciated 🙂

We dig every 4 weeks and are at the park both Saturday and Sunday, meeting at 10am at the main entrance to the visitor center and usually finishing aroun 4pm. You’ll need work/gardening gloves, sturdy footwear, lunch and water. We sometimes supply tea and coffee but that depends on Rupert remembering and that’s iffy at best! We’ll supply the tools but if you have a favorite spade bring it along 😉 If you have steel toe capped boots please bring them and you can get training to use the power tools!

As if helping to shape the future of mountain biking in the south is not reward enough, you can also get a Hargroves Cycles discount card once you’ve been to two digs, and with a bit more effort you are rewarded with a season pass for the car park, what’s not to like!


  • 1/2 November
  • 29/30 November
  • 27/28 December


  • 24/25 January
  • 21/22 February
  • 21/22 March
  • 18/19 April
  • 16/17 May
  • 13/14 June
  • 11/12 July
  • 8/9 August
  • 5/6 September
  • 3/4 October
  • 31 October/1 November
  • 28/29 November