November Dig Report

November Dig Report

Leading up to this dig we were hoping to finish off a load of trail armouring but due to a bit of a mix up with the supplier our surfacing material didn’t get delivered.  So we had to have a quick rethink on what to do.

It turned out to be a very successful weekend with a whole loads of maintenance done and tweaks to existing lines added.  Considering the weather we had a pretty good turn out too including the return of an old face and some news one too.

  • New lines added to Lumberjack to remove some very straight sections
  • Tweaked the line on the blue to slow down exit to a fire road crossing
  • Rebuilt berm on entrance to snakes and ladders
  • Re-shaped off camber corners on climbs on Snakes & Ladders
  • Rebuilt one of the berms on JBF
  • Blew about 10 tonnes of leaves off the trails

Big thanks for all those who showed up and put the effort in to keep the trails maintained and evolving.  Next dig is in four weeks time so put it in your diary!

Few pics from the weekend.

Matt “trail friend”