Timing System for Day Night Enduro

Timing System for Day Night Enduro

To all racers!

This year the QECP trail collective are using a contactless timing system to time racers for the Day&Night enduro.

After sign on at the race control tent racers have the option to practice parts or all of the course before the race starts.

Before starting the race loop all participants must collect a wrist mounted timing chip which will record stage times throughout the race.

If you do not choose to practice then you may collect your timing chip straight after sign on but the timing chips MUST NOT be taken out onto the course before the race starts.

Once you have collected your timing chip you will be asked to test the chip in a test lane at race control to ensure it is activated.

When out on course once the race has started racers will have dedicated start times for all stages.

There WILL NOT be penalties for missing start times however we ask all racers to adhere to their start times due to time restraints at QECP.

Each stage will be a rolling start with the start time sensors placed a short distance into the stage. Once you pass the start time sensors your time will be logged and that will correspond with a time logged by the finish time sensors at the end of each stage.

It is important that when racers have finished each stage they do not go back to the stage finish sensor as it may corrupt the timings.

It is also important that all racers follow the correct transition back to stage starts.

When racers have finished the race loop they must hand in their timing chip to race control and there times will be logged and their positions in relative category confirmed. The final position of all racers will be confirmed once the race hasfinished and all timing chips are returned.

There will be a charge of £50 for any lost or damaged timing chips.

If the chips are not returned the individuals times will not be logged.

If there are any questions regarding the timing system please ask at race control on the evening.

Please let us stress again that timing chips MUST NOT be taken out during the practice session or before the race has started.

Thank-you for your time and everyone at the QECP Collective is looking forward to seeing all racers on Saturday evening.